Chestnut Road

Split w/New Alaska

7" sortie chez Brassneck Records (Uk), et Speedowax Records (Uk).

Enregistré, mixé et masterisé avec Lo´ Spider à Swampland Recordings en Avril-Mai 2013.

Ecouter New Alaska.


Playing this game
Doesn’t lead anywhere
Spending your time to care
If everything is now going well

You seem to be scared
Of sharing your pain
How can you keep
All these things for yourself

Nobody could win your trust
And you do not care.
So tell me what you’ve got to win then?
Only pain!

As a border
Which you’d be the keeper
Appearances are safe
Nobody would think to cross the line

Maybe sometimes
You wonder why,
Why you cannot tell
This single word to free yourself

Trust me
So please let me in
It’s not a matter of weakness
Why are you still scared?


Does anyone know,
What happens in your head
You’re cheating your body’s here
But your mind is now escaped
As a mirage, you leave our planet again
Nobody questioned, nobody questioned yet

Complicated, that’s the word you said
With your finger you drew a line
We couldn’t cross your mind
Behind your eyes I can see this heaven
Your own shell to keep you out of this world

Baring teeth when someone comes too close
You know the world is wicked,
Pushed against your own wall
Without regrets you leave our planet again
As a mirage, we’re chasing a mirage.