Chestnut Road

Demo 2012

K7 sortie par nos soins et ceux du Syndrome de Galilée.

Box* est une reprise de Hooton 3 Car.

Enregistré, mixé et masterisé avec Christophe aux Pavillons Sauvages en janvier 2012.

1. Far

Light through the window
Told me, the time is coming
To wake and stand up now
My feet hit the ground
And lead my actions
Everything seems mechanical

Every morning tell the same story
I can´t remember the last time
When I thought about it

Feel the time run away
Like a handful of sand in your hand
Too late to look back
In a blink of an eye
Yesterday´s so far away

You run again and again
And trying to catch your fate
No time to look back
In a blink of an eye
Tomorrow´s so far away

Sometimes I´m scared
To see the mounths and years
Pass as a single day
This stupid rat race
Phagocyte me and my life
Day after day
The old stories appear dusty
Today this feeling grows on me
And fuck my head

2. Apathy

Nearby your world there´s mine,
From dust and broken glass.
Lay down by the masses,
At the bottom of your stairs.

Am I the reflection you don´t want to see?
It hurts your perfection, so sorry.
Big city product. I survive
Like a parasite with appetite for freedom.

Deep into loneliness I´m falling.
Between walking walls without smiles.
Waiting for someone, someone to come.
I´m one of the buildings, but a poor one.

Lost in artificial pleasure,
Lost in lights and sounds from the city,
Back in my memory.
Lost in your eyes,
Left on the main street, left on the main street´s side alone.

Everyone are strangers now.
And they´re wandering why
Give isn´t a cure, are you sure?

Apathy, means death to me.

3. Sunday

You look behind the window
The sun wouldn't show his face today
Clouds swallowed up the sky now
The rain falls as a funeral day

You can't find some reasons
To explain what you're thinking about
But loneliness run through your veins
There's no word to describe your pain

She falls down on you
When the morning comes
And catch your throat
Until tomorrow's gone

You talked about an achievement
As if this cycle comes to an end
But it still remains the same
She would be there again

Every day is like sunday.

4. Old Picture

I walk through the fields
Feel the sand on my feet
The landscape reminds me
A lot of memories
From a distant past, I think

As a picture which Which never curled up by the time
The plain appears empty
Here alone lives the wind
As a single passenger

Sometimes, I think this place are
A perfect picture you can't see twice
That's a part of mystery
A part of memory
Anybody would not see it.

Impressions of lightness
Between imaginary or reality
A part of sadness
Sinks into my heart so deeply

When the tide goes out
Everything seems redrawn
You feel like disarmed
Everything changed around
A foreign country you cross now
At the bottom of my heart

As a picture which
Which never curled up by the time
The plain appears empty
Here alone lives the wind
As a single passenger.

5. Ground Collapse

One day, you swore
You swore to be another man
Forget the past
Turn over a new leaf if you can

The good old time
Should keep safe your memory
Don't be afraid
Now, you're still breathing

Why do you feel so dizzy
You've lost your bearings
As if the ground was collapsing
Into an endless hole you're falling

For years you run in the dark
Still begging to see daylights
Time flies.

So, are you still alive
As in a deep coma
You seem to dive
The Darkness consumes your soul
Does it make no sense at all
And even all seems lost
The flame still burns in your heart.

06. Box*