Chestnut Road

Chestnut Road

Cd released by Waterslide Records (Japan).
12" clear vinyl (does not contain the two covers) released by Bosstuneage Records (Uk), Brassneck Records (Uk), and Speedowax Records (Uk).

As Someone´s like* is a cover of I Excuse.
Contains our demo, plus 6 songs recorded, mixed and mastered with Christophe at Les Pavillons Sauvages in December 2012.

1. à 6. DEMO 2012

7. Useless

Lying on your bed
You look at the sky again
Clouds run from right to left
But you don´t ask why
You seem to be so empty
Paralysed by something ?

You´re falling out there
In the middle of nowhere
You´re falling out there
No one would think to find you there

Now you don´t mind
If you´re wasting your time
You cross the street like an invisible man
No one cares about you
But you don´t care too
You walk alone far from this place
Prisoner of this useless day.

08. Worthless

Cultural profit
Never feeds us who fear the fate
Marginalized upon lies
And subjected to procrastinate
Under the law of the strongest

You need a privilege to take a risk
And the good position to live
Considered worthless

Look to the future
And cross your fingers.

09. Greener Grass (instrumental)

10. Everytime They Die

Soon or later
My eyes will bleed
For all the tears that i can´t cry
Everytime they die,
The same feelings
Come back again, and push me down

Death is real now
Burying my head in the shadows
Without scythe nor lethal breath

The time has come,
And I won´t see through you
I won´t see suffering deep inside you

Now you´re gone
And my selfishness explode
While I think of what we could have done

Death is real now
First the loss, then the cry and the time passed away
This Dark Passenger robbed everything

Death is real now
And till the end of my life
I won´t tell you no lies, but it´s not over yet.

11. Goodbye

Can´t believe 20 years have passed
Everytime you bring back all these memories
I feel like it was yesterday
When you told me the life is great

Now we don´t walk on the same side
Ready to go, you keep the smile
As a child, you take the best and let the rest

We don´t walk on the same side
Ready to go you keep the smile
And just say bye, as you´ll see me next

I feel guilty for not picking up the phone
And understand that nothing will ever be the same
Please don´t judge me, I didn´t do wrong
I´m just too scared to say goodbye.

12. As Someone's Like*