Chestnut Road

May 2014

After the massive update of the website (adding our own online mailorder) it's time to give you some news!

We're continuing our split 7" series, this time with the Liverpool based band BUZZorHOWL, consisting of members of the defuncts Jailcell Recipes and Drive who stands as one of our main influences. Therefore it's a real pleasure for us to share a piece of wax with them. You can find it here, here or here (trades are welcome). The next one is supposed to be released this summer with our friends of Panic Attack, stay tuned!

Also, we spent a few days on the road touring along with the amazing Southport! It was a pleasure to share those moments in the van with them and to play each day in such nice places full of great meetings. Thanks a lot to the people who helped us booking this tour and those who supported us in any other way!

Finally, two of us formed a new band, Hyalin, with some ex-members of Blocko, and recently put out a split 7" with The No-Marks, that you can find in our or in the Brassneck Records mailorders.

July 2013

We're back! Eight days on tour, a lot of nice meetings and awesome shows, sometimes a bit of stress, but we already feels nostalgic about it! A huge thank you to Toby for being the motivating factor of this tour, to all the people who booked the shows, to everyone who came up to see us, it was a pleasure to share all those moments with you. Hopefully we'll be back on the road soon!

Our trip was also the occasion to get some copies of our split 7" with Varsity Drag, released by some great labels: Bosstuneage Records (UK), Sick Scene Productions (QC), Note To Self Records (USA), Waterslide Records (Japan), and Le Syndrome de Galilée (France). Beyond the long wait, we're quite happy with it, and we wish you'll like it too!

May 2013

A few weeks ago, we've recorded two new songs which will be on a split 7" with New Alaska. It will be released once again by Rich from Speedowax Records and Scott from Brassneck Records. Also we'll appear on a tribute to the fabulous Chopper, that should be released soon or later by Fixing A Hole Records (Japan).

About our summer tour, our mate Toby (who plays in Get Human), found us some nice gigs in England. We're more than happy to move away from here, to play elsewhere and meet for real the people who supported us!

Last but not least, a new issue of the fanzine Meantime has just been released, where you'll find an interview of us (in french) among a lot of other cool interviews, articles, and reviews, plus it includes a Cdr which contains tunes from the bands who are appearing in its pages and unreleased tracks from legendary bands from Saint-Etienne like Sixpack and Perfect Cousins. Thanks a lot Maz!

April 2013

After few days spent at our dear french customs, the parcel from Waterslide records safely arrived! A huge thank you to Kazu for everything he's doing for us!

And for the vinyl, testpresses should be approved soon, so it should be out by may. In between, you can preorder it through Bosstuneage Records (Uk), Brassneck Records (Uk), and Speedowax Records (Uk).